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    I agree with you, Carang. I think it will be a different, and probably even better experience.

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    I've never really felt that my husband was 'ready' for kids but after having our son (2yrs old), he's been pretty good with him. My husband's also the type who still thinks he's 20 something and it's really hard to deal with when he's supposed to be a role model to his son. If you two want to stay in the marriage, issues like these have to be resolved. Actually, I was surprised how caring my husband became after finding out I was are so unpredictable.

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    you're very lucky!

    husbands can have one of two reactions:
    1) they step up to the plate and act lovingly(towards wife & child), responsibly and be a good role model for their children

    2) they resent the fact that wife got pregnant and "child has taken over" his life

    i can only pray that you husband is in the former and not the latter category

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