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Travelling Advice with a 14 month old

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    good luck... you can also try buying frozen mixed veg... put them into a little bowl, put some water on top and a very little boiled water, just to defrost them and warm them slightly. then discard the water and give the veg to the child... i used to do that for a snack when they were that age and it's great for them to practice using their fingers but also healthy!

    i'm guessing he revolted from the congee because he needs more variety and different textures... problem is now, that he's not used to having the different textures and tastes so he's not really sure what to do.

    try a little chicken breast with rice, an egg and choi sum (chopped really finely)...

    spaghetti bol: make the sauce with a can of tomatoes, chopped, a little onion, (my son LOVES mushrooms, my daughter HATES them), with some cheese mixed in...

    mac & cheese with pureed sweet potatoes or cauliflower or carrot mixed in...

    mild curry with chicken and eggplant (SEE THE RECIPE ON HERE)...(both of my kids love it)

    pancakes (for extra goodness, put in some fresh blueberries~ if he doesn't like them whole, then puree them....pancakes come out blue! for pink pancakes, buy some beetroot and puree that and add it in!) with a small sausage cut up on the side...

    peanut butter
    ham (my kids LOVE ham & cheese)

    if you are feeling adventurous, then buy some cookie cutters and cut the sandwiches into cool shapes (can be done with pancakes, too!)

    dumplings...(both of my kids love them!)

    roast chicken, stuffing, gravy, creamed corn, mash (one meal my picky eater NEVER fusses at!)

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    You can those toddler packs on websites llike re-on, or sogo and there are some shops that specialise in imported japanese baby supplies, they usually have a wide variety. Kids are kids, they are unpredictable when they are exposed to new time zones, temperatures and schedules. I would have been happy if he had eaten some potato chips! Just some food but he was ok on certain days and on food strike on others...:( But the only person whoe were stressed by this was ME! My son was happily running around and having a good time... So no worriies just enjoy your trip!

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    there are great rice toppings sold at Japanese Style super markets like Jusco, Apita or City-super. When i was traveling with my son who just turned 1, we can just order plain rice and use the toppings on top, he loves it!! should definitely check them out! For breakfast, he just ate organic Oats, from most supermarkets, easy to make with milk, and like everyone else, i bought plenty of Travel Sachets of Formular, although i have already start him on fresh milk, i like to have a mix.

    What about on the plane? did anyone's child find it uncomfortable? and constantly crying? I have a Nap-roll to take for my son, he loves sleeping in it, and that makes those long plane rides better

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