hi ladies,

sorry for jumping in but you may need a helper soon....

i have a brilliant helper who has just resigned giving me a couple of months notice so i can assist in finding her a job and find a new helper for me. her last day is 17 june or earlier, if our timing works right.

we have worked together very well and respect each other very much.

her resignation is very amicable - essentially, i have a wonderful 20 month old who is an energetic pocket rocket. my helper is absolutely awesome and perfect for newborn to 2 years but not up for the next contract, 2-4years with my gal (seriously active!).

she is mid/late 40's, with over 17 years working experience, very experienced with newborns (seriously perfect) and toddlers (great), excellent cook, a good cleaner, tidy, quiet, trustworthy, honest, respectful and well respected amongst her peers and in the catholic / catholic centre community.

please call if you would like to interview her or email me at my geobaby address. calling is easier for me though.

tracey 6280 3628.