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need recommendation for general infants?

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    thanks for the kind words. Is it weird that i feel stupid/ bad asking for help. I try not to ask so many questions in the this forum and read as many old threads as i can.

    Everyone here is so helpful,its been amazing.

    i have found that no matter how many problems i solve, each day something new happens. and its a new situation all over.

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    there are no stupid questions, so don't worry about that!

    parenthood is a constant challenge to each and every one of us. you are NOT alone! the challenges just change as time goes on.... right now, you are concerned about sleeping/feeding (that one will last a while), but soon you will be wondering about walking, talking, schooling, sharing, making friends, behaviour in general etc...

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    I read a bunch of books too - BabySense, BabyWise, What to Expect..., Babywhisperer and a few others before I had my baby and in the months following. Probably the most interesting one was BabyWhisperer, which I wish I read before my baby came.
    But all in all, my baby didn`t let me follow any book or method or philosophy - he was busy just being him and I was busy getting to know who that was.
    I would say the biggest help for me by far was and still is this forum. I have asked a million questions, I`m sure a lot of them stupid to some. It`s been great to hear other HK moms` experiences and advice, and I am happy if I can give back every now and again.
    It sounds like you`Re already doing a great job because you are so interested to know more, to improve and to be a better parent, so you`re already one step ahead.
    When all else fails, follow your baby`s lead, and try to guide him with the knowledge you have gained so far. If you can try to stay in sync with your baby as much as possible, I think you are beating all the advice about this routine and that pattern in all the books.

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