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Help! Baby Suddenly Grossed Out by Enfamil

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    Help! Baby Suddenly Grossed Out by Enfamil

    Hi Everyone. So I've got this 3.5 month old baby who has been on mostly breastmilk since birth. I nursed him exclusively the first few weeks, then after several bouts of mastitis I was forced to pump and bottle feed exclusively (my GP advised me to do this as my breasts were red and swollen, so bad was the infection at one point). Since then he has been on 80% expressed milk and one feed (the middle of the night one) has been with Enfamil. For the first 3 months he was perfectly happy to take that formula feed - it didn't seem to make a difference to him. However, since a few days ago, he has started to totally gag on the stuff (Enfamil) whenever we try to give it to him in the middle of the night. It was like one night he was totally okay with it, and the next night (and every night after that) he started to hate the stuff - it would ooze out of his mouth and he would lurch his head back crying. Unfortunately, I can't pump out this extra bottle for him as hard as I have tried to. I do have a little bit of milk left in my breasts by the time he wakes up in the night for this feed but certainly not enough to satiate him.

    My question is, have any mommies out there had this problem with their babes rejecting formula (namely, Enfamil which is really thick and rich and sweet)? If so, what have you done? I am considering switching to another brand which perhaps he would like better - any advice on brands which seem to taste more similar to breast milk? I am also considering mixing breast milk with formula and gradually increasing the ratio of formula:breastmilk until it is pure formula again in the middle of the night.

    Today we tried doing the one bottle of formula during the day instead of at night and he did the same thing - really didn't want it at all. So sudden, so strange.

    I am pretty desperate so any advice would be great appreciated! My first son had no problems adjusting to Enfamil at 6+ months from BM, so I wasn't expecting #2 to suddenly start hating the stuff.


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    sounds like he's decided that he only wants breastmilk.

    you can try another brand of formula, but that might get costly... unless you could ask your doctor for some sample packs?

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    When I have to change brands of formula, I find it easier to slowly introduce it by doing 1/3 to 2/3 then half and half and so on until it's all the one brand. It's hard to find something that tastes similar to breastmilk as the taste of that apparently changes from person to person.
    Could it also be a can that's nearing the end of the third week of it's use? As it's pretty humid now, once the cans are opened I find they go off a bit faster.
    My small likes Cow & Gate, although she's had Enfamil, Similac & S-26 before.

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    There are different reasons why baby dislike certain formulas. May be the baby just having bad dreams and not really in mood for milk. Or the baby has a little gas?? You may want to ask your doctor for suggestion of sample.

    Good Luck

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