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Bigger Feeds, Less Often

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    My daughter is also on a low percentile and has never been hugely hungry. At 5.5 months she has only just started drinking 180mls at the majority of her milk feeds. She's healthy and happy, and her docto is not at all concerned at her size. She has started solids and is loving it, but when she's full, she's full. As long as your child is healthy and happy I wouldn't worry about any of the other stuff. Our only routine is a lunchtime nap and bedtime, but the mornings are all different. I don't really care.

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    Sorry, I may have got the wrong end of the stick with this one. I was thinking it's the unpredictability of maybe wanting another feed an hour after the first one that was the problem, if that's not a worry and it's just the overall volume then absolutely, as long as they stick around the same percentile then I wouldn't worry about the volume they're taking in.

    I reckon if they're smiling and you're smiling its all good :-)

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