I buy special food, if it`s not available in similar form for adults. I will buy $45 baby macaroni, but only once in a while, and I haven`t seen too many similar products. I like to mix it up too -not give the same things all the time.
I buy expensive baby yogurt (minigo) and others from time to time. It`s what my son likes, and that`s important to me. Otherwise it would be hard to feed him (more stress for me). Regular yogurt here, besides all the sugar, is too low in fat.
I have made a lot of stuff too, especially when he was just starting out on purees.
Anyway, I look at it like they are only eating this baby food for a short time. HK prices are nearly double for everything related to baby...so sometimes you just gotta suck it up. But it gets easier when they get a bit older, to give them more `adult` things.