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Furious on my son's 1st Local KG Interview

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    Quote Originally Posted by Konradsmom View Post
    Seriously, my experience with local kindies is that they soemtimes have a pretty clear and defined picture of what type of student they want, and it can be pretty narrow. Thats one of the problems with local education, because they are in a way, less accepting of differences.
    Yep. The school system in general in HK prefers cookie-cutter kids. Differences are not encouraged in the system here because from kindergarten on, your child is just a number. It gets worse as the child gets older. Secondary school here is downright depressing for that reason.

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    I do not really have a problem with the childen being interviewed, I just think that it is done all wrong here.

    Firstly I really don't believe that you should be charged for it and secondly I think that it should be more observation of how they interact with other children and how they play rather than questioning as many children are shy at that age and may fear strangers.

    When we went for an "interview" for my son's kindergarten it was just an infomal meeting with the principal who asked my son his name and how old he was. He was then sent outside to play with children from the school and he was just observed for a few minutes.

    The principal told us that she receives application forms with children's CVs attached documenting other languages, extra curricular activities etc. Crazy in my opinion.

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    carang, i am interested, count me in.

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    LOL! i WILL do it, ladies... it's just a matter of when. i have to make sure the staff situation is all up to snuff at my playgroup before i consider starting something else.

    yesterday, i had a lady, who already owns a playgroup & tutorial centre on hk island, tell me that she can't seem to get it going. she offered me 51% to get it off the ground properly!

    it never rains, but it pours....too bad that doesn't hold true with $$$....

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