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Helpless in Hong Kong.

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    Bumps Guest

    Helpless in Hong Kong.

    I am an expat living in HK and every day I go to work i feel so helpless - bordering on suicidal (I do not kid you). I work for a kindergarten and there is so much waste (and underhandedness) there that you would not believe. Hundreds of pieces of paper are wasted each day just to earn a dollar. It makes me want to cry. Waste, Waste, Waste..... I hate this about Hong Kong. I feel like there is no point in any existence in Hong Kong and thus, in this life. I feel it is all about the now and not about the future. Why try? Why recycle, why turn the lights off? does anyone care?
    I'm sorry, I may need a little help now...., but I can not see any future in bringing up my family here.
    I'm tired of Hong Kong - it makes me sad, it makes me feel dirty, and it makes me feel like there is no hope.

    Sorry for the depressive post. but this is how I feel.

    xxxxxx Please make a difference.

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    Lisainhk is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2010
    Yau Ma Tei

    Wow. You should live in Japan. They are great recyclers :) Is there any way that you can raise awareness about recycling? I wouldn't know the first way to recycle in HK. I hope you are not serious about the suicidal part. Please find someone professional to talk to about this! Take care of yourself. If you feel that strongly about HK, is it an option to move back home to be closer to family for emotional support?

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    fingerscrossed is offline Registered User
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    Tin Hau

    Sorry to hear about your situation. It doesn't sound like HK is the place for you. Is there any chance of you moving to another country or going home with your family? Can you quit your job, take a break and go somewhere clean and serene?

    HK can become claustrophobic at times but we just have to find our little haven somewhere to get away from it all. Please find someone to talk to and I hope you can work it out.

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    kyojee is offline Registered User
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    Tai Hang

    Hi Bumps,

    If situation allows, I thinking leaving your job would give you a breather. Underhandedness means a huge workload and stress, and it might be thinning you out. Overtiredness is breeding ground for pessimistic thoughts. If you are feeling suicidal, am afraid things have gone way beyond your thresholds (be it stress levels, work loads, emotion bearings etc) and I think stepping out of wherever you are would give you a chance to gain some perspectives.

    How long have you been here, or should I say, how rooted are you here in HK? If there is something strong holding you back from leaving this place, could you identify if it's worth more than what's driving you away?

    HK is not the most environmental friendly cities, but it is by no means the worst. If you do plan to move, I hope you make a careful choice.

    Through the years, I've learnt to accept I cannot make a big change, not as much as I want to, and a lot of things are beyond my control. But it does not really stop me from trying. The difference is that I've learnt to have a little hope, instead of big hopes.

    I too second seeking some professional help if you feel things are blown out of dimensions! Easier said than done, but please do take care of yourself!

    Sending you lots of smileys, hope it'll (at least) bring a little bit of cheer!

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    freddiebiscuit is offline Registered User
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    Tai Po

    I also see HK as being a very environmentally unfriendly, wasteful place and see little hope of things ever changing here. For heavens sake, we just had the highest pollution levels ever and it flashed by the news so quickly with the hope of it quickly blowing away with the weather! Not a solution! As with many expats, one thing that keeps us here are the great salaries (compared to our home country). It's a double edged sword.

    Too many folks see recycling as the way to solve all problems instead of REDUCING their own contributions to the problem - buying local organic veg, reducing the amount of meat consumed, taking public transport, reducing the number of flights taken,...

    Bumps, I hear you. It IS depressing BUT I see hope in the faces of my two children. I cannot change the world, but I can raise 2 children who can also help to make change by being environmentally conscious. We maintain our sanity here by hiking in one of the most beautiful places (in my opinion) in HK - the Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve.

    Please take care of yourself and try to find something that helps you keep your sanity and makes you feel like you're making a difference.

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    Flack is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2009
    Hong Kong

    Hi Bumps

    Not sure if this is of any help at all, but you can apparently organise recycling at the school. (Our building had bins delivered to promote recycling).
    See this link EPD - Recycling Helpline

    Take care

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    Frenchy is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2007
    Ap Lei Chau

    The kindergarden I take my son to has organise 2 large bins for plastic and paper... I think it's a great idea, doesn't cost anything (the boxes are made of cardboard) and it's a good start for the kids.... little things like this can make a difference, but it has to start in people's mind !

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    Gataloca's Avatar
    Gataloca is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2010

    I think if you work in a kindergarden, then you may be able to teach the next generation about how to help our environment.

    I do know HK is not very environmentally friendly. I just try to do my part by recycling our paper, plastic and metallic garbages. Also I seldom take any flyer or paper advertisement from the streets, and usually don't take those newspaper they give for free on MTR stations or on the streets. It is sad how many people take them just to take a look, before dumping them on the "recycling bin". People sometime don't know that recycling waste lot of resources.

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