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Private Health Insurance (Cheap pls!)

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    sunrays is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2006
    Clear Water Bay

    Call Kwiksure. They are excellent. Tell them what you want and they will send you a spread sheet comparing a number of different plans. I usually deal with Sam Cooper. Tel 3113 2112

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    rani's Avatar
    rani is offline Administrator
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    Sep 2002
    Pokfulam, Hong Kong

    We went with Healthcare International. They don't work with brokers and hence quite competitive.

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    mcdill is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2006

    I think HSBC also allows you to take out insurance just for the child, so in some cases it might work out cheaper to take out hospital insurance with one provider, and outpatient (or outpatient + hospital) for child with HSBC. You can get quotes from their website.

    Some insurers will also accept applications with pre-existing conditions but just list them as exclusions so you can't claim for those conditions.

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    1stimemum is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2009
    bel air

    this is an old thread but we are in a similar situation; husband's company will now provide basic/ bare bones healthcare but I would like to top up for 'peace of mind' for eg. they currently only cover up to $500 per GP visit and $800 per specialist up to X no of times per year. I would like to find a plan that can cover me entirely especially for pediatrician needs and hospitalization.

    this is my new year resolution to get started on.

    thanks all and merry xmas!!!

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    lesliefu is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2008
    South District

    check out BUPA (heard they are on the expensive end though - but their coverage is pretty good)...Also, HSBC, Prudential are quite good and AIA.

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    Biggie is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2010
    Hong kong island

    Shenzhennifer, did you end up getting insurance for outpatient? We are in the same boat and trying to see if there are any good outpatient policies esp for my two small kids who seems to see their pediatrician at least once a month.

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