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Rejecting school offer

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    Rejecting school offer

    Out of curiosity and wanting to experience the infamous HK way of "interviews", i applied for and brought my 2yr old daughter to a pre nursery interview. Arriving there, we dont really have a good impression of the venue as it was crampy, dingy and old. BUT, according to a fren of mine and the reputation, this school (particularly this campus that we went to) is a reputable and most difficult to get into. My girl did well in the "interview" and we were recently informed that she's been accepted to the school.

    Now i'm kinda half hearted to reject the offer. Is it wasteful to reject it after going thru all the trouble? More than one fren told me it's a supposedly good school and that this particular campus is one of the best. I checked the background of the school and apparently most of the kindy placements are to go fwd to local primary schools but i'm actually hoping to get my girl to enrol in CIS next time.

    She is currently in Highgate and enjoying every minute of it though (with the storytelling and outdoor garden space). So i'm a bit reluctant in pulling her out and placing her at the "crampy" school though... :(

    Maybe it's just me and the way i was raised of "not wasting an opportunity" (being wasteful) that is making it so hard for me to reject this. :P

    Tots anyone?

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    may I know which school is it??? It is only a kindy and if you dont like it and you dont plan to enter local primary school, then you can just reject it. I wouldnt think it as an opportunity as it does not suit your plan. There are a lot of opportunities everywhere and if you dont choose smartly, you may end up loosing the important ones. :)

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    I would be interested in knowing what happened during the interview. If you could share that experience, that would be great!

    I also agree with arleneli - if you child likes Highgate and the kids from this pre-nursery school don't usually apply to the school where you want your child to go (CIS), then I would just reject it and keep your child at Highgate.

    Incidentally, do you know which pre-nursery school has kids that go to CIS?

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    I am in agreement with most of the mums on here that interviewing a two year old for a place in kindergarten is a waste of time but it is a fact of life in hong kong (especially if your child does not speak the local language).

    What I find helpful though is to consider that while they are interviewing my son I am also interviewing them!

    Sometimes you can read websites and speak to friends but until you get there and see for yourself you cannot decide if the school would be right for your child or not.

    If your daughter is happy where she is and you are not happy about moving her to that prticular school then don't feel like you have to just because she was offered a place.

    That just proves that she is "good enough for the school", it does not prove that the school is "good enough for her!"

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    1) you don't particularly like the "new" school
    2) your daughter is currently in a school that she enjoys
    3) the current school has outdoor space
    4) the ONLY thing you seem to think the "new" school has going for it is reputation....

    seems like an easy decision to make...why would you take your daughter out of a school she is perfectly happy with, that you seem happy with to put her into school you are only marginally happy with???

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    The offer only presented itself because you went out of your way out of curiosity to seek it. So really, it`s not a true offer, and would never have appeared had you not experimented with `fate`.
    If your daughter is happy where she is, I think that is the most thing to pay attention to.
    I wouldn`t worry about what other people are saying. They may not be speaking from experience anyway, just from what they hear other people are saying.

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