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Easter Hols for Helper

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    thanks for clarifying aussiemum....

    actually the food allowance for helpers now is $750 / 780 (some where around there) and that is built into the contract. HOWEVER, employers can opt to not give the food allowance if they ensure they provide all meals for the helper instead...i'm thinking some families that are not so well off themselves, would opt to do this (not that I would - but I'm sure some people do)....

    as for statutory holidays and public holidays...they are two different things and helpers are only allowed "statutory holidays" and not public holidays (of course you can give it to them if you wish - but like food allowance, I'm sure some people will not). you can't pay a helper for staying in on a statutory holiday, unless it is agreed upon by both helper and you - and if they insist on taking holiday on a statutory holiday it is their legal right. actually, my helper didn't want to take tsing ming off because she already had a day off on saturday and instead is taking time off on thursday, I had offered to pay her for not taking the day off, but she wanted to take the day off...just another day - i think it's all about communication and knowing what's fair and right.

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    as a matter of fact for the food allowance, we NEVER gave it to our helper. it had nothing to do with "not so well off" it had to do with use of her time/size of our kitchen/storage etc.

    to me it seemed crazy for her to cook 4 meals per day when she only had to cook 2. she was quite happy with our arrangements for over 5 years. however, when her husband joined us, i offered to give them a food allowance or to continue to eat our food. i told them that it didn't really matter to me, just that i wanted to make sure that they used the allowance for food. the ONLY reason they decided on the food allowance was because her husband wanted it. my helper did NOT want the food allowance, she was quite happy with eating what we ate.

    ps> i believe the food allowance is $740/month. we, however, give $500/week every Sunday. we also provide rice, oil, spices and other condiments.

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