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HongKong airport-last minute questions

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    carey is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2008

    HongKong airport-last minute questions

    We are travelling with our 10 month old to Singapore tomorrow. I have some last minute questions for parents who recently flew with their babies.

    1. Can you buy baby food at the airport? ( before and after security check). I just realize that I might not have enough baby jar food for the trip and we have been advised to take all babies needs becuase we probably won't be able to get it at our desitnation. (We are staying at Sentosa island for two nights, should be able to get it in the city later).

    2. Are baby food allowed to take past the security check point?

    3. Hot water for formula. I've been told that you have to empty your themo before security. Can I get it at the terminal, like asking it from a coffee shop?

    Thank you.

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    starbucks2 is offline Registered User
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    May 2009
    Hong Kong


    We travelled to NZ in Feb and were able to take water in baby bottles and jars of food in our carry on bags with no questions through security. I also took bottles with frozen breastmilk in them. I assume that nothing has changed since.

    Good luck


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    Frenchy is offline Registered User
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    Ap Lei Chau

    You can't buy baby food after security but you can take some with you, no problem. We've been through the check a few times with some milk, jars.... we just told the security guard what to expect in the bag before to scan it. For the water, you can ask hot water in a coffee shop or in the plane.
    Have a nice trip !

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    Shenzhennifer is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2008
    Tsuen Wan

    1. I`ve never seen baby food at the airport, before or after security. You might want to run to your local supermarket to stock up a bit.

    2.and 3. I don`t know if officially allowed or not but I have taken baby food, water bottle, thermos full of water, all baby things on several occasions and have not had any problem whatsoever. I think they make special concessions for people with babies.

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    banane76 is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2009
    Hong Kong

    You are allowed to bring baby food through security that is required for your trip. We had 3 bottles of breastmilk and there was no problem as long as you show security. We just had them in a clear ziploc bag. Not sure about the hotwater, but you can probably get some after security or maybe even on the plane.

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    carang is offline Registered User
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    Sai Kung

    remember, your baby is now 10 months old and should be able to eat at least some of the food available at the hotel restaurants, so you may not need too much in the way of food.

    dry cereal

    etc should all be available at the hotel restaurants.

    as for security stuff, i was told that if it was for babies, it was ok.

    just ask for hot water from the flight crew. they always have hot water on hand.

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    southside852 is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2008

    I've never seen babyfood either, but like the above said, bringing what you need on the flight in your carry on is not a problem. We always just brought on board pre-filled water in our son's bottles in ziploc bags and they sometimes stopped us to taste it and other times, they just let us through. It depends who you get.

    Singapore has everything you could need - baby food jars etc...would not worry once you land.

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    FutureHKmom is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2008

    Don't think you can get baby food at the airport.

    In Jan I went to Sydney and last November I went to Tokyo - both times I brought hot water in a hot water bottle onto the plane for milk without problems. Both times I was on Cathay, but when I flew to Sydney, there was a second security check at the gate and the security guard who checked our bags said that we were only allowed to bring milk on board so he made me put some formula into my hot water bottle to make it "milk". As for jarred food - I have brought jarred food onto the plane before no problem. Just let them know what you have at the security check and they may make you take it out and put in a tray to go through the scanning machine.

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