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Advice from moms who do not dreamfeed

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    lesliefu is offline Registered User
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    i'd agree with carang, my daughter prefers her room on the cold side too...we have a baby monitor with a thermostat and we know she likes it at 21-22...any warmer we turn on the AC.

    i have never dreamfed my daughter, i fed on demand...uping the last fed by 1oz to make her feel more full and then letting her sleep for as long as possible. i had a note pad, so I could see a pattern and play around with the amounts of milk and timing of feeds during the day so that the last feed would be just before bed time -

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    Suv is offline Registered User
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    I continued the dream feed for 3 months as it ensured I did not need to get up between 10pm-7am. But we stopped the dream feeds around 7 months too. I realised that we were unnecessarily waking him up. He had started solids by then and I made sure he was full before going to sleep. Keeping a log any time in doubt as others have said is a good idea- it really tells you if there is a pattern and how to manipulate various aspects.

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    southside852 is offline Registered User
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    My son's room is always air conditioned when he sleeps whether napping during the day or sleeping at night. He sleeps at around 23 degrees.

    We need gave our son dreamfeeds while in a crib. like leslie above, we gave usually 1 drink a night when he woke up for it. By 8 months, we weaned him off it and he could sleep through the entire night without one.

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