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Living in Mainland China. Having the baby in HK.

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    Living in Mainland China. Having the baby in HK.

    We are a couple living in southern China. Wife is from Taiwan, husband from the US. We want to see the options of having our baby in HK.

    A couple questions are:
    1)What are the average total costs of having the baby, coming from outside of HK, Mainland China specifically?
    2) Where to have the baby, any suggestions? (I realize this will influence the cost)

    The reason for HK is because of the quality of care, but also, in case we can't get to Taiwan to have the baby there, it is another option and a great one we think.

    I am sure this question has been asked a million times, but possibly from a different perspective.

    Thanks in advance!

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    The prices range from $40-100+ K hkd. Pretty crazy here. Even if you deliver in a public hospital, bc you are a non-resident you will still have to pay about 50K.
    You don`t say where in southern China you are living, but perhaps it`s not closer than flying to Taiwan.
    Don`t forget, unless you living in SZ and are willing to gamble when you go into labour (border is open, not crowded, etc, anyway not a place you would want to be in labour, especially if your water breaks and you are supposed to be lying down), you would have to stay in HK before the birth (and who knows when the baby will come, early or late), plus for the time afterwards it would take to get all the paperwork done for you to go back into China with your baby. That is a lot of money spent on hotel/apartment and you know how expensive HK is for that.
    I was living in SZ at the time of my son`s birth. I opted to deliver in Guangzhou at the VIP Birthing Centre. It made everything a lot easier and the care is really good there. If you`re near GZ, I would really consider that instead of trekking all the way over the border to HK.

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