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Any tips for travelling alone with children?

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    great advise, I didn't know you could get special assistance, I thought it was only for the elderly and disabled. Do you need to ask for this ahead of time, or when you arrive? (I'm travelling cathay pacific).

    I didn't even think about going to the bathroom! This being my third baby I have mastered peeing with a baby in a carrier so I'm okay there, the other 2 are old enough they should stay in their seats for a quick trip to the bathroom.

    Also a good idea to get them each a psp game. They don't have them and would love them. That could be a suprise they get on the plane

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    yes, you must call ahead for meet/assist as they only have a certain number reserved for each flight and pregnant women, handicapped etc...usually get priority. i booked mine for this summer about 5 months in advance on cathay.

    if you are flying business class you'll definitely get it though.

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    Fo Tan, NT Hong Kong

    Order children's meal and make sure the boarding staff know you have children so you can board first. Pack more snacks than toys, most airlines give kids gift upon boarding and they do make it fun. If you have connections, request transfer help, they can meet you at the gate with the golf carts. I also ask for a trash bag so that I can keep the area tidy so I don't loose toys on the floor or mixed up with trash.

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