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Should a 3-yr-old child know A thru' Z???

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    LMNOP... My daughter (turning 3 tomorrow!) recognizes all the letters, but always sings that part "L, M, letter P"!

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    Hi, there is too much emphasis on learning the alphabet song. It is a fun little skill to know - at age 4 or 5 - but confusing when kids have to learn early phonics. All of a sudden beginning readers have to relearn the alphabet in terms of the sounds and not the names of letters. For example, 'girl' beginning with the 'g' sound is quite different to the name of the letter, 'gee'. As mentioned earlier, sharing a book and its pictures with your child is far more helpful in terms of non-stressful and natural literacy acquisition.

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    Hi, I am an early years teacher and offer parent and helper courses in literacy development. To be honest learning the ABC song is not going to help your child learn to read and write. It is important however to enjoy learning songs and rhymes as part of this process in order to learn about sentence structure and rhyming etc. You can do this with any nursery rhyme or song, there is no reason to focus on the ABC song. The only reason for learning the alphabet in sequence is for when you want to order words alphabetically or find them in the dictionary which children start to do in about Year 4 at school - aged 8-9.
    Any good school these days will be focusing on developing good speaking and listening skills with a child your age, so sharing stories, chatting about everything you see and playing games such as word bingo to develop vocabulary. Also playing sound lotto and I spy.
    When your child is ready they will begin to learn phonics if they go into an English medium education. This is nothing to do with letter names but the sounds that letters make in words. Please see the following website from the British Education System it has lots of information on Phonics
    Phonics and early reading - Introduction
    The Synthetic Phonics Tools to Read and Spell- Get Reading Right
    tells you how to pronounce each phoneme or sound and has a free parent powerpoint to explain what synthetic phonics is. You may like to take a look.
    As Rani says above. Talking about the sounds in your child's name and sounds at the beginning of familiar words such as Mummy and Daddy would be more useful as long as you use the sounds and not the letter names.
    I hope this helps.

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