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Part time helper

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    Part time helper

    Hi everyone !

    Our baby is due in mid July and we want to employ a part time helper, but she shouldn't move in with us. Do you know if foreign domestic helpers are available part time too? Or can we hire someone full time, only use her services part time and pay accomodation? Where is a good place to find someone? We don't want to commit to 2 year contracts or anything like that.

    Thanks for you help!


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    Yes you can do all of the things you state above.

    But it's illegal - thousands of people do it, but they are taking a significant risk. If you get caught you will not be able to hire a helper again. That said, I've never heard of anyone getting caught - but I'm sure they have.

    Word of mouth is the easiest way, ask someone else' helper if they know anyone, or post an ad on Asia Expat or at your local supermarket.

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