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How often - papsmear?

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    Hi Satarbucks, i just saw your post about Dr.Grace Cheung,do you mind if i can ask which clinic is she working?I'm due to have my papsmear and i did mine last year in Australia then we just move here so i don't know any good OB.I'm doing some research and i find that most of them are male,and i want to do it with a female doctor.Thanks

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    I go every year. It is one of those unpleasant things you just have to do and it only takes 5 mins. Is it just the thought of it that scares you or do you find it painful? If painful then maybe try another doctor. They are never pleasant but Dr Grace Cheung did my last one (as she is my OB) and it was fine. I dread them as well which does seem silly since I have had two babies so a smear test should be a walk in the park!
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