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Tutor time or Anfield english is better?

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    CYKC is offline Registered User
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    Thank you Jo Bowd. I will try to apply ESF kinder after nursery.

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    hbw10 - Thanks for the reply! At 13 months, I assume the children have to go with someone? Do mostly helpers take the children or parents? And what do they do in class? Do you feel like your son has learned a lot from going to class?

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    Apr 2010

    yes, it's an accompanied class. i can only speak for the southside TT where it was definitely more helper heavy. i was usually one of two moms there. the other 4 children were with their helpers. I like the small class sizes at that age since they are just learning how to sit, watch someone and explore different mediums. Yes, I think my son has learned a lot and has made a lot of great friends along the way!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CYKC View Post
    Thank you very much. Is Kowloon Junior closer to Kowloon city? Are the students at TT fluent in speaking English?? I went to sight visit for both school already, Anfield's kids are fluent in Eng but I can't tell TT's kids.
    It depends which part of Kowloon City you are at. For us, we are close to La Salle Primary School... and our catchment area goes to Beacon Hill. A friend of mine lives close to St. Teresa's Church and her catchment area is KJS.

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