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Do you think it is necessary.....

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    geocup Guest

    Do you think it is necessary.....

    To have Hepatitis B vaccination (3 injections over a course of approx 6 months) before trying to conceive?

    I just found out that I am not immune to it, just Hep A.

    We have finally decided to begin trying around October, however, if I got the vaccine it would push the date back as you need a waiting period of 1-3 months before trying to conceive after having the vaccine.

    Please let me know if you did.


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    Hep B is mainly transmitted via blood and contaminated bodily fluids e.g. sharing needles, needle stick injuries, blood transfusions (although there is stringent screening nowadays) etc, rarely through intercourse but it does happen. Many chronic carriers in HK would have got it from birth, transmitted via Mum, in the days before vaccination, and therapy for baby at birth, were prevalent.

    The point of the vaccination would be to prevent you from getting infected with Hep B whilst you are pregnant which could be disastrous for bub, and to subsequently prevent bub from getting it during delivery, if you do become infected.

    I guess it boils down to what your risks are of contracting Hep B during the time you try to conceive and during your pregnancy.

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    There's two ways of looking at it:

    1) what's a few extra months anyway?

    2) what are the chances of getting Hep B in those 9 months if you've already gone your whole life without getting it? In some ways it's not taking THAT big of a risk...

    No one can tell you the "right" thing to do - but I can see it both ways. I didn't even check my immunity to a bunch of things before we started trying to conceive - but I do think I've had the Hep A/B immunisation. I can't even remember properly though...

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