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Strange sleep development

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    bumbeeno is offline Registered User
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    Another 5am wakeup this morning. Am wondering if he has an internal alarm that goes off at that time! Again I let him be until 6am. This can't really go on, if he wakes up at 5am he's tired by 8am and that's really too early for a morning nap :( Leah, how many days did it take before your little one stopped his 5am wakeups?

    Obiwan, we put him to bed at 8.30pm one night and he woke up even earlier, at 4am! So it doesn't seem like that keeping him up would work.

    I tried starting his afternoon nap a little earlier yesterday. Still woke up after only 30mins (I didn't go in right away). In total he only manages to nap for a total of 2 hours a day (1.5+0.5). Can't get him to do more than that.

    These days I am waking at 4ish tensing for the first sounds of crying!

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    Hey Bumbeeno - hang on in there and chin up :)

    Lets go through the basics. Why do you think he is waking up? Is he wet, cold, hungry? Is it light in his room? Are the birds waking him up? Do you have any background noise on in his room?

    Have you tried just giving him a milk bottle in his cot and leaving him?

    Some babies just wake at 5am and there is nothing that you can do about it. BUT IT WILL CHANGE!!!

    Hang on in there

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