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Preparing first child for a sibling!

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    sorry, southside... hope i didn't offend you... like i said, it's just from personal experience.

    just last saturday, i explained on three occasions to parents at my playgroup that we let the children play with what THEY want to play with NOT with what the parents want them to play with. i had TWO dads separately make disparaging remarks about their son playing with dolls/kitchens etc.

    i read a study/saw a programme (can't remember which) that theorised that the measured differences in girls' abilities in maths/sciences is directly proportional to the toys that they are given to play with... not as many "building" toys (bricks/lego/blocks) as boys, so the girls' spacial awareness and the ability to visualise objects from all angles is not as well developed as it is in boys. that their poorer results have NOTHING to do with their abilities, rather with what they've experienced from childhood.

    i HATE toys'r'us for that very reason! have you ever noticed the pink "prettiness" of the "girls'" section.... all dolls, clothes, make-up, VACUUM cleaners, kitchens etc....
    while the "boys" section is robots, cars, dinosaurs, smash'em'ups and science toys??? completely DRIVES ME CRAZY!

    ps> caps for emphasis, not intended as yelling... welll most of the time! LOL!

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    absolutely not - don't worry about it carang! :)

    it's funny b/c when my son is at nursery he loves the kitchens and the feeding the dolls their bottles....we let him play with whatever he wants in that situation....but when it comes to buying him his own toys, it's a different story i guess. we got a kitchen for him that's very boy so no problems and my son loves it! :)

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    :) my son loves pretend kitchen too- am about to buy him one. Hope he will cook his wife some fabulous meals....

    Southside, I found a non blonde, sort of a gender neutral looking doll at Smarty Pants on Lyndhurst terrace. Its a bit on the small side, but he likes "him" since he has a baby brother now. He also puts his baby panda and baby gorilla in the pram to take them for walks.

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    we got our doll from toys r us, it's gender neutral and came with a blue winnie the pooh stroller. we got it for 1st son when 2nd was on the way but now both boys 3.5 and 2yr love the doll and like to pretend they are daddies. i think it's really cute, when their little girl friends come over to play, they "let her be the mommy" LOL

    we don't have a kitchen set, but my boys love to pretend to cook and feed me pretend food that they have made : )

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