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"well meaning " friends

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    Tell your well-meaning friends that they should spend more time teaching their children good morals and character instead of worrying about "the best schools" and cram schools.

    Friend of mine is a professor at one of the HK universities here. He says that his HK students are wayyy behind the mainland Chinese students who have better technical and (surprisingly) English language skills, not to mention work ethic. His HK students hand up sloppy work, just can't be bothered, and expect to be spoon fed. Do you think the mainlanders had a head start over the HK kids? obviously not.

    I personally think that I will give my daughter a good decent education. But I want her to learn good manners, morals and character. If she wants to be a charity worker for an NGO, be a stay-at-home mum, be a graphic designer, I'm cool with that as long as she is happy and fulfilled. I find it shockign that parents here get hysterical about interviews for kindergarten places. There is a lot of snobbishness in some of the highly sought after schools. Even if we can afford it (we can if we make sacrifices), I don't want my child mingling with spoilt rich kids. Just the same, my school friends and I chose completely different paths in life. I think some of them, although less materially well-off than we are, lead very contented lives with their spouses and kids.

    A good education is important, but it is not all book-learning and certificates. I have worked with and opposite some graduates of top universities in top MNCs, but honestly some can't speak to save their own lives. Not street-wise either.

    A child who is happy, well-adjusted, learns compassion, sharing and teamwork is I think better off than one who is packed of to school, and cram schools. My child goes to a lot less classes than other kids her age but I really don't think she is lacking in development.

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    the well meaning friends i have dont have her own kid, so she is just telling me based on her colleague's experience and because her colleague is older and her daughter is older, me a mother of 20 months old,, must heed her advice..
    totally agree that a well balanced and fulfilled lifestyle is more important than taking so many classes and desperately trying to stay ahead academic wise....

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    I get that all the time, too

    Just tell her "I know what I'm doing for MY child."
    Then change the topic.

    I once met my neighbour's maid with their little child. We waved hello and she said she was bringing the child to a tutoring centre. And THEN she asked me: "Does your child never study anything?" My answer was: "Mine is so smart she doesn't need to." And smiled. She stared at me, I guess trying to get the meaning of what I'd just said, then left

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    Quote Originally Posted by southside852 View Post
    LOL! it's amazing how often this happens when the kids reach 12 months old.
    :) you are lucky already, one of my colleagues keep on reminding me to apply for kindergarten (the famous Victoria) for my baby when I was 7 months pregant!

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