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Woodland Sai Kung vs. Sai Kung International Pre School

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    Hello mpalser,

    My son goes to Woodlands SK and, although I can't tell you anything about SKIP, I can say that he is very happy at WSK. As this location has been open for less than a year, the class sizes are small but within a bright and airy environment. The teaching staff are very friendly, as are the helper staff.
    There is a good mix of expat and local children (50/50 I'd say) and htey all seem very bright, happy individuals.
    My only complaint is that there isn't much extra curricular activity but that is because there isn't enough students to warrant it yet.

    Hope that helps.

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    Hi Carang,

    We are moving our family from Toronto to Hong Kong in July 2011 and are looking for kindergarten for our 2 and 3 year olds girls. We like what you said about Sai Kung Lok Yuk kindergarten. I cant imagine a better way for my girls to pick up cantonese than to immerse them in an afforadable chinese school. Our girls are mixed Canadian-Chinese but I shamefully admit that none of us speak Chinese =^.^=
    I checked out the school website but it is in Chinese and our computer does not support that so I cant see if they will accept my 2 year old in there. I wonder if you know. It'll be great if both my girls can attend half day there. Nevertheless, we will definitely visit the school when we get there.

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    Sai Kung

    the lok yuk website actually has an "english" tab.... if you click it, the website changes to english...

    as for age.... it goes by birth year. so, if your child was born in 2008, then they will go in september 2011. if they were born in 2009, then they go in september 2012. etc.

    you CAN put them in a little earlier, but you will not be eligible for the pre-primary voucher until they are the correct age.

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