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New to Hong Kong and looking for a good gynec and obstet

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    hbw10 is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2010

    I have Dr. Ghosh as well who despite his health scare, it doing scans now etc...Like zyxwv mentioned, he just hired another doctor to help with the load who seems very good!

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    NewBabyLA is offline Registered User
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    May 2010

    Just wanted to share a new Dr who is not mentioned on this site but is in the directory. Dr Catherine Cheung - lovely lovely lady - did first check with her and think will go with her for the delivery. She's reasonable, kind, speaks excellent English, and most of all honestly concerned about your well being! Her waiting room is never full, so if your appt is at 11 - you see her at 11. Only downside is she only takes cash - probably why she's not that busy.

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    lesliefu is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2008
    South District

    Dr Lam Yung Hang is good too - he delivers at the HK Sanatorium, Matilda, Canossa...his scans are excellent, very professional and thorough and his english is great. i've only ever had to wait 15mins for an appt with him which I think is quite OK....he's located in central "HK prenatal diagnostic centre"

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    rocknrollmon is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2009

    While trying to get pregnant I found Dr. Derek Lo in Pacific House in Central wonderful. He was very attentive throughout my pregancy and his nursing staff are very sweet and comforting. His equipment is on the older side which would be the only thing I would change. Previous to him I was a patient of Dr. Catherine Cheung and I found her very mechanical.

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