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maternity pads

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    If you have sensitive skin try Natracare, I used their maternity pads. I've bought them at ThreeSixty and also in the healthfood store on Lyndhurst Terrace Central.

    Natracare Feminine Hygiene - Natural Pads & Liners - Organic Tampons

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    I was going to suggest Natracare too if you have sensitive skin - I do, too, and was so happy to have found something that was comfortable at last. But you really go through pads at a crazy rate during the first few days. I used disposable liners over the bedsheet as a second line of defence - at least that was one thing less to worry about, messing up the sheets!

    Also agree on the disposable undies. I hate to admit it, but I found those ugly disposable ones provided by the Matilda to be so much more comfortable and secure than the expensive, reusable ones I bought from stores!

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    One of the best tips I ever got was to get incontinence pads. In the States, these go under the Poise brands. These are super thick and absorbent. They are bulky, but I never had a leak! I think it's one of those things people never really talk about. I'm glad a good friend of mine tipped me off. I've paid it forward eversince!

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