Hi everyone !

Selling a Clearplan Easy Fertility Monitor (the digital one which predicts the ovulation a few days before).
I've been using it last year for my second baby and it worked really well, it just took me 3 months to get pregnant, according to the "predictions" of the monitor.

I've just got half a box of test sticks (10 pieces, only for one cycle), but these you need to order by internet, or if you know someone living in Singapore, you can find them overthere. You can't use the normal sticks with the monitor.

I've also got 2 full boxes of unused sticks, but the expiration date was February 2010. I have no idea if once expired they really don't work at all, so I'll just give them for free, and let one test them.

I also have a Clearblue pregnancy test (box of 2).

The monitor is worth 1750 HK$, and I've paid 216 HK$ for the pregnancy tests. I'll sell the whole package for 900 HK$.

If interested, please pm. Thanks !