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School snacks

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    Aava.Wong is offline Registered User
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    aww neha - big hugs to you!! i think she is on geobaby so let's see what she has got to say about her irrational behaviour and these issues. i'm glad that you wrote this up so we don't fall into her crap-trap!

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    AmyH is offline Registered User
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    terrible situation for you to be in neha, I wish you and your son the best of luck with your new school.

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    geomum is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2008
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    I am so sorry Neha that she is treating your family, especially your son, this way. Hang in there!!! Honestly I have lost count of how many unhappy parents I have met so far who have complaints about this school.

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    You know what's insane, if you look at the "food pyramid", there are what, 5 levels. The bottom level (which we're meant to eat MOST of) are grains, breads, rice, etc. Their "healthy eating" doesn't include ANY of those - fruit is the 2nd bottom level, and eggs are proteins which is the next level up. Totally crazy... thanks for letting us know which school NOT to send our kids to!!

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    snagito is offline Registered User
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    I am truly speechless. My son is allergic to egg white and certainly would have had a massive allergic reaction had he been in a classroom and touched someone else's egg! That policy is not only ridiculous it is potentially dangerous as lots of children are allergic to eggs. What on EARTH are they thinking. How could the Director say just don't bring him from tommorow onwards? I hope that she allowed your son to come in and say goodbye to his friends and teachers? Please keep us posted. She owes you a letter of apology. Given the price we pay for kindergarten education here in HK I think it is important to take a stand so Hang in there Neha as fellow mums we are all behind you.

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    lottieclee is offline Registered User
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    This is so ridiculous and unbelievable. Children go to school to be happy and have fun! My son's school has accommodated every special request that I have put in regarding his diet, and even the way he sits during circle time!

    I truly feel bad for your son.

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    Neha is offline Banned
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    Just received a very sweet message from a 2.7 year old girl who goes to school with my son every morning. She asked her mom why K was not going with them to school and her mother told that he was going to big school soon and she told her mom she didnt want him to go and wanted him to be with her in her class.

    We would like to thank everyone on this website who have written on this thread and also some parents from my son's school who sent us emails expressing their support and offering to arrange playdates with K before we leave.

    K was upset this morning as his dad was leaving for work and he was not going to school with him, he kept telling he had to go to school as his friends were waiting and he needs to do some good work

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    Sorry that K and your family are going through this. Am shocked the school is being so inflexible!

    Kennedy school also launched a Eat Healthy campaign, and the kids were told they had to bring in Healthy food options for snacks and lunch. I think they wanted to get rid of the chocolates/candy/chips/crisps and sodas that were being brought into school. But they went a bit overboard and said no cakes/muffins as well. We used to give D homemade banana muffins for his snack and now he gets fruits. Yes, fruits are healthier, but personally I think its the parents decision what they feed their child and not the school's.

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