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Room charges

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    Room charges

    Room charges
    I will be delivering at Adventist this Aug and would really appreciate advice about room charges. I understand I am not guaranteed the class of room for the delivery and will be given what is available. My preference is for the private room. If that is not available when I have to deliver, I will be given another room (semi-private or ward). I was told if I want to move to the private room (when available), I will still be charged the private room package rates for the entire stay and not charged the lower rates for the days I was in the non-private room. Is this normal practice in the hospitals here? Is there anything I can do about it?

    Thanks very much for any advice!

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    Hi Swisshill

    I delivered at the Matilda. I had booked a private room but when I went into labour early and needed an emergency c-section, they only had semi-private rooms left available that evening so on my first night, they gave me a semi-private room to myself and then moved me into a fully private room the following morning as soon as one became free, so the issue of adjusting fees didn't come up.

    The policy at the Matilda is that if your pre-booked room category is not available, then you can choose a different room and the published room category rate will apply. It does seem unreasonable that you may get billed for the private room irrespective of whether you actually stay in one so I would try and get to the bottom of that.


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