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Baby First Food

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    The recommendation is to avoid juices before 1 year because of the relatively high proportion of sugar per volume vs nutrients. Natural sugar but still sugar. So definitely not a good first food.
    Not really sure why the rush to give the baby anything other than milk at such a young age,even if it doesn't do any harm it isn't going to be any benefit so why not wait?

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    I'd agree, four months is young - it's generally recommended to wait till around six months but you know your own baby best.

    Fruit juice really isn't the best first food anyway for all the reasons everybody's already covered - acidic, sugary, not as good for them as you would think and just not necessary.

    If I were you I'd wait for two months and then start with some whole fruits and veggies rather than juices then they'll be getting the fibre as well.

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    starting solids is really dependent on each baby...usually it's if they aren't getting enough with milk then you'd supplement with solids (in my case I used rice cereal...made it with the formula she was drinking).

    i'd avoid juice for now...soon enough (6mths approx) you can give fruit puree (apple, pear - which I made with lots of water so it wouldn't be so sweet...already very sweet for them though cause they haven't tried something like that before) orange juice (and any fruit that is acidic, i believe should be avoided until after 1 - can't remember where I read that)...

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