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Which Shangri-La???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckeroo View Post
    Have stayed at 1 & 2 with the family and agree totally with
    Mom2Sofie&Twins. I might be wrong, but I remember the beds being much bigger in Mactan --2 queens put together instead of a king and it was great!!
    Depends on the room type, again we had most basic, but we had friends who stayed in one room and they had the 2 queens you described (probably family room). We always have 2 connecting, because we have 3 kids in big beds now (plus I don't really want to be stuck in one room with kids going to bed earlier, etc.).

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    Rasa Ria Resort

    Would recommend the Shangri la rasa ria at KK. In a nut shell :-
    1. Has a kids and baby's pool - suitable from 1-8 years of age with three different water slides all attached to the adult pool. This makes life really easy watching children and enjoying a swim yourself.
    2. Has well sheltered sailed area over childrens pool and lounges
    3. Has an excellent kids club with organised activities and an outdoor playground suitable for your aged children to use any time of the day, so a nice thing to do in the morning of afternoon to break the day up a bit.
    4. Has an Orangutan sanctuary, only a two minute walk up a moderate steep Hill (my three year old at the time managed no problems) which is lovely for the children.
    5. Although not usually my thing, it has some really good restaurants offering good dining variability - fresh cooked buffet (children are fee) which is cooked on the spot fresh for you; indian with a children's menu; Japanese (Teppanyaki always a hit with kids and easy) and their standard western food style restaurant. We ventured out on two occasions but KK as a town is pretty run down and average we thought, so we didnt bother going out of the hotel again.
    The thing I would recommend is either a ground floor room in the older establishment - have sliding doors which run off onto the grassed area for the kids to play, or better still a new room in the ocean view newly built development (a bit further away from the kids pool though) where the rooms are less tired.
    We also liked KK as it's flat and easy to get around (unlike Phuket, just got back from there and found it harder work).
    The beach generally at KK is not great I think when compared to Cebu or Thailand. It has sand flies and the time of year we went which was May, it had jelly fish from memory? Also, the sand is so hot our little ones couldnt bear it! So you are really chosing for resort and not beach I sugest? I think KK is a great short break, I would find it a little limiting after a week.
    Good Luck.

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    I have stayed at 2 and 3 and Shangri-La's Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu is closer to the town. But the kids club was better at Ria with the monkeys etc. Both were GREAT!

    We stayed somewhere different at Cebu but have heard great things about SL there too.

    Have a wonderful trip!

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    Stayed at 1 and 3. I think #3 is better for the kids, although, as everyone has said, #1 has the better beach. And none of them will be a bad choice.
    Might want to let the airfares and flights decide.

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    We've stayed at all three and they are all good! We went to Cebu just over Easter with 6 and 3 year old and they both loved it! Staff was great! short flight and only 10 minutes from airport! Older one snorkelled and Jet Skied with dad. You can borrow life jackets (which we all did then "floated" out to the dock for fun!), sand toys, can rent the snorkels, kayaks, jet skis. the kids also loved all the fish! Staff would give you bread in the mornings to feed them. The pool has one water-slide and a smaller child's pool. They do have a playroom with the big slides in it but we were there for only 1/2 hour as kids (and mommy!) wanted to spend most of the time at the beach! They also have big mattresses for the sand that you can borrow and my little one napped on it under the umbrella!
    The 2 in KK are both good also! Personally I wouldn't do the Rasa again as the long drive to get there to see the monkeys wasn't worth it.

    Enjoy your trip! You can't go wrong!

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    i went to rasa ria before kids and will NEVER go back... not my idea of a good time (although, the orang utans were amazing).

    i HATED being so far away from everything. hubby got food poisoning our first night there and spent then entire rest of the holiday in bed... i was left by myself and couldn't even go for a walk out of the resort!

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