Slings for sale
I'm selling 2 slings if anyone is interested:

1. A Wilkinet baby carrier (see Wilkinet Baby Carrier). It's denim blue, very lightweight, and in new condition (think I used it twice, but my baby hated it). It's a front carrier that ties on - best to look at the website and the instructional video and see if you think it would suit you. Costs around HKD500 brand new. Will sell for HKD300.

2. An Ellaroo lightly padded ring sling - unisex beige colour (so Dad can carry it too). The padding is on the edges to make it more comfortable on the shoulders; the bulk of the fabric is lightweight, but strong, cotton. The Ellaroo website (Ellaroo Baby Carriers) isn't the most helpful (I think you can download a brochure if you click on "Wearing instructions"), but just search for "Ellaroo ring sling" on the Net to get pictures/info. Cost around HKD600 brand new. Again, used only once or twice as baby was not happy in a sling (then again, baby wasn't happy anywhere!!). Will sell for HKD350.

For anyone worried about sling safety, please visit

Please PM me if you're interested in either sling.