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Infertility 1st appt.

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    splitting snow is offline Registered User
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    Hi Sarahdcl,

    I saw online that Dr Lo is affliated with the following hospitals:Canossa Hospital; Hong Kong Adventist Hospital; Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital. When I went for my consult, he did an vaginal ultrasound for me to check my ovulation, and didn't charge anything for it. Not sure whether a sonogram would be the same. Getting my 1st appt wasn't too hard, I called and met with him the following week. He spent over half an hour with us and was real patient with answering all our questions & concerns.
    I guess you can wait till next cycle if you are not ready right now, you don't want to stress yourself too much, esp if you already have problems ovulating. I did an IUI before in China, and they couldn't get my good egg to ovulate after the insemination, eventually the egg grew to over 30mm, and was considered no good, and it past. I was real stressed out at the time because I was doing one or more ultrasounds everyday to monitor it. The more I stressed, the more it didn't want to come out!!! SOOOO anyways, you are still very young, so wait till you are ready then go. Another option is to go to the consult now and gather info/advice, and start the treatment whenever ur ready.
    how's that sound? ^_^

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    Merlys is offline Registered User
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    I see Dr Wong, see attached thread Has anyone had any experience with Dr Wilfred Wong?

    I had seen several Drs re fertility problems, and he was by far the best. After 3 years TTC I am now 6 months pregnant. If you want to ask more about Dr Wong, I'm happy to help :)

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    grant is offline Registered User
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    We had our 1st appt. w/Dr. Tang. She answered all our ?'s and went over our options. She wants to check my fallopian tubes, bloodwork, and check husband. If all looks good we will start with IUI. After 3 tries and not success we will try IVF. If our initial tests are not good she said we may want to consider going straight to IVF for higher success rate. Next week we check the tubes, and then 1st week in June we do the blood test. She will tell us what our best options are after all tests are done.

    At inital appt. we did a vaginal ultrasound also. I have two fibroids. One small one inside and a large one on the outside of my uterous. She said these are fine for now and these shouldn't be causing my infertility. I asked if I should be checked for endometriosis. She said that is exploritorary surgery and we should try the IUI first probably before any type of surgery. What do you all think? I told her that my period is heavy first couple of days with small clots and with some discomfort. Period is pretty regular every 26 days, although it came 2.5 days early this time. Probably due to the stress. Told her also that ibuprofen usually takes the discomfort away. She said if I wasn't having severe pain that we should hold off on checking for endometriosis. Should I consider the surgery, or do the IUI (that is if all tests look good)?

    Also, was any of you on any special diet/health plan? I usually jog/walk 5k every other day. Did you cut out all coffee, soda, ibuprofen, limit intake of red meats? Let me know how strict I need to be. Forgot to ask Dr. about that.

    I feel kind of overwhelmed and just want to make sure that I don't overlook anything. So when did your doctors suggest to you to check for Endometriosis? Did you try IUI first? This is all out of pocket for my husband and me and I just don't want to do the IUI's and find out my infertility was caused by endometriosis.

    I am thankful for any and all advice. I am a bit nervous over all this since these are our first steps in the infertility world.

    Thanks again.

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