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4 1/2 months old - night waking

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    southside852 is offline Registered User
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    agree with the above in that your baby's afternoon nap might be on the late side....try 1pm? at 4.5 months, i would not worry about sleep issues yet as they are still so young. it would be a different story at 10 months old and on solids. your baby is still growing and like the above posters said, might be teething as well.

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    my bub is 10 months and when he turned 4 months started waking up every 2 hours. This lasted for a month and then one day just started sleeping thru. Babies go thru many phases. Just when you think they're sleeping pattern has settled, something happens and rocks the boat again (teething, travelling overseas, moving homes, etc). I would say a baby 4.5 months is still adjusting and night wakings are very common

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    angelamok is offline Registered User
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    thanks for all your great advises. i might be a bit over-reacted but the night waking is worsen for the past week, wake up two times every night. usually i can manage the first wake up (between 2:30am - 3am) withthin 15 mins but the 2nd one happens around 4:30 am - 5am and he just cry over top of his lung until exhausted. he refuse any rocking or padding, light music, pacificier or any soothing tools won't work....lately, i have been searching thru the web for tons of "sleeping programs" (purchase online). has anyone try those?

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    i'm thinking that your little one is experiencing a growth spurt... if that is the case, after another week or so, it will all settle down again!

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    jvn is offline Registered User
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    Hi angelamok, I totally sympathise, I'm absolutely pathetic if I wake up too much at night and I think that some people just cope better with it than others. Having said that, night waking is part of being a baby and as the others have said, it's early to be too worried about it but I think you can certainly do things to help them to settle back down to sleep more quickly.

    If I were you I'd decide on a strategy at night and stick with it, i.e. when he wakes check the obvious things nappy, teething etc which you do already. Then assuming they're ok decide what you will do next and stick with is for a few days so that you know if it improves things or makes them worse.

    For example what we do (with 8 month old) is pick him up, shush and soothe him briefly then lay him down whether he is crying or not and leave the room, if he continues to cry then I go back in after a minute or two (loud screamy crying) or 5 to 10 minutes (gentler whimpery crying) pick him up and repeat the process, always laying him down and leaving the room after a cuddle.

    For us, after trying a few different strategies, this really helped us through a short period of night wakings, I like the consistency of knowing what I will do (I like not having to think too hard at 4am!) and I think it helps The Boy to know what to expect, he knows he gets a cuddle but he also knows that he will always get left to sleep as well. Now I usually only have to do this once or twice at most when he wakes and he is waking less often but he is a bit older than your bub.

    I would look at various strategies to help him settle after waking and try one at a time - it sounds from your post (and I might be wrong) that you're trying all these different things every time he wakes and that may actually be confusing him and actually making it harder for him to settle.

    On your specific question, I don't know anything about online programs, if I was paying I'd be keener to go with a known name and a recommendation - people here have recommended Annerley and Sleep Fairy (on another thread) and I adapted the Baby Whisperer strategy to suit us when I found doing exactly what she said wasn't working with The Boy.

    Best of luck.

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