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17-18 weeks complete scan w/ Dr. Lam Yung Hang

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    17-18 weeks complete scan w/ Dr. Lam Yung Hang

    I was recommended by my doctor to do a complete scan with Dr. Lam. I'd like to know what it's for. My husband doesn't want to do it because he does not want to make be put in a situation where he must decide whether to continue or terminate the baby should they find something wrong with the baby. Unless this scan will cure or prevent an illness from happening with the baby then he does not want to do this scan.

    Can someone advise me what I should expect with this and what benefit do I get from this.

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    you need to talk to your own doctor to find out what exactly the test is for.

    I had a scan with Dr YH Lam at 12 weeks. This was called the OSCAR scan to see if my baby had Down's syndrome. Dr Lam was good, he had a large flat screen in front of the patient to point out and explain everything that he saw as he was working. He also transferred the images onto a DVD for me to take away. My own obstetrician did not have the scanning equipment so referred me to Dr Lam.

    Then at 5 months I had a different scan. This was to assess the baby's development - whether the baby's skeletal frame was developing normally, limbs were ok, all the internal organs were normal (eg hole in heart) etc. I think if they had found something wrong, it would have been a matter of whether it was possible to operate in-utero - very complicated, scary but possible depending on the particular problem. This scan was done at the public hospital Prince of Wales Shatin where I had registered to give birth. The radiographer did not want to explain too many things and left it for the doctor afterwards to explain the results to hubby and I.

    As expectant parents there will always be the fear that something is wrong, but even if there is, you just have to face up to the bad news, and explore whatever options you have.

    You need to find out first from your own doctor what type of scan you are having done.

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    i second lisa88 - i had the same scan with Dr Lam at 12 weeks...double check with your doctor to see what it's all about...

    i don't think any scan can in fact cure or prevent an illness, but rather it can give you a better idea of the growth (lack of growth) of a baby and then perhaps from there you can decide the options you have with your doctor. Dr Lam is very good and his scans are excellent - in fact his specialty is checking for babies with downs (I heard from my OBGYN who sent me there) as he's down much research in that area...and loads of scans every day.

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    All scans are ultimately to check on the health of the baby. In my situation (you can read my blog for more info - the link is in my signature under this post), we found out from that scan that our baby has a condition called Skeletal Dysplasia - or more simply, some form of dwarfism. We were given the option of termination but actually our main doctors did not give us any pressure to terminate (even though at the time, they told us that the condition was probably lethal - since then further scans indicate that it is most likely non-lethal though, we didn't want to terminate regardless)...

    In my opinion, forewarned is forearmed and knowing about our baby's condition while still pregnant has given me the chance to prepare myself for her birth and her life with special needs. Some will tell you that it will add more stress to your pregnancy and yes it may - but I am a bit believer in prenatal testing, even if you choose not to terminate. Some conditions can even be treated in the womb - and other things (like in my daughter's case) she is more likely to need NICU so the hospital can be aware of her situation and be prepared for it even before she is born. There are many benefits to knowing in advance.

    However, if you DON'T want to know, you can choose to reject any of the tests and that's perfectly ok. My opinion is that it may be harder to deal with those problems if you find out at the birth of the baby - but for some, they'd rather take that risk and avoid the stress of prenatal testing... You've gotta make the decision for you though - but I just wanted to weigh in with my opinion, I've been there, chose to have the scans/tests done, got negative results (even more negative than what is reality most likely) but I'm glad that we had the tests done because I think the benefits outweigh the disadvantages...

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