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Toddler growing pains

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    opposition phase?

    it's quite long... lasts at least 18 years, i'd say.

    for eating:

    how about a picnic in the living room? i do that with my two for special treats. we get a big blanket and spread it out on the floor and we all sit on the blanket to eat from plastic dishes. it's great fun for everyone!

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    This is a good thread. Mine is approaching 12 month old and is throwing fits everyday if he does not get his way. Feeding him in high chair is still working but it takes lots of entertainments and fooling around. He is also starting to be possessive of toys.

    He is also learning to walk now. It hurts my back when bending over to support him while he walks and runs around. I was hoping things might get better for us once he can walk solo. But, I can read that things are really not going to easier. I might just prepare for the worse. :)

    Please keep your good advices coming. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frenchy View Post
    And for everything, I prefer to show him how things work than to forbid him to get close to it, generally, he looses his interest after.
    Totally agree, I've never used those child saftey locks, baby gates or even a playpen, much to my mothers horror. Like Frenchy, I've just shown my son how things work and he would get bored of it pretty quickly. The only thing I did use were those plugs you put in electrical sockets and initially i was telling him off for playing with the switches but as soon as I stoped and just ignored it he soon lost interest. Our kitchen is open plan and you can't really use a baby gate, so I've just put everything unsafe like cleaning products in the top cupboards out of his reach. He is free to open and close all the other cupboards. The only off limit places are the bathrooms and I just keep the doors shut all the time. He recently discovered how to flush the toilet and I'm sure he will start putting stuff in it soon!

    I guess it depends on the child and what battles you think are important.

    Good Luck Everyone!

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