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Cheapest way to go to go Private?

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    Fisona is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2009
    Tai Koo Shing, Hong Kong

    My baby was borned @ Sanatorium last Christmas, I stayed in the 6 beds-room, since the hospital just had been renewed in the recent years, the room was very nice, each bed with own TV monitor (incorp. PC). I got a "window-seat" bed (more spacious) with an extra charge of HKD 200.

    Since it was a public holiday and I went thru an emergency C section, there was extra cost. Forgot the details but in total I paid about HKD 60,000 for everything (hospital, doc's charge, admin charge)

    Visiting hours were 8am to 8pm. But my mum came to visit me like 7am something in the morning and the nurse still let her in.

    One funny thing I remember was a charge of "husband accompanying to surgery room" - HKD 500

    Not sure if you can still reserve a room now though, ppl usually paid deposit like 6 months ahead but I suggest you to go and have a look first.

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    lesliefu is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2008
    South District

    canossa is also more reasonable in prices - but i know their maternity ward is quite small in comparison - i'd find a doctor quickly and see where they can deliver out of and then have them make the booking for can probably call up the hospitals that you are interested in delivering at and ask them which doctors deliver at their hospital - should save you alot of time!

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    sunrays is offline Registered User
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    Clear Water Bay

    The trick is to find a Ob/Gyn who will give you a package. I went with Dr Ghosh. He charged $23000 for a natural delivery, check ups prior to delivery, one post check up and routine tests. Package was $33 000 for c-section. Then you need to ask how much the anesthetist and pediatrician charge so you can find someone who fits your budget. It is not easy as they don't seem to disclose this info easily. Then you need to go for the cheapest room type as otherwise ALL costs can as much as triple.I had a standard room at the matilda, had a natural delivery and paid $65 000 for everything incl scans, meals for husband etc. Good luck

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    bumbeeno is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2009
    Taikoo Shing

    The thing to bear in mind as well is that the costs can balloon tremendously if you have an emergency C-section. One could budget and plan for a natural delivery but sometimes circumstances warrant an emergency CS and you end up staying more nights in hospital = increased hospital fees, ObGyn visiting frequency & fees, paediatrician visiting frequency & fees.

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    Mergina is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2010
    Sai Kung

    There is also a Prince of Wales Hospital in Shatin, which is a public hospital but has a private section within it. I had a C section with my second Child there. All the fees (prenatal visits and labour) worked out as 60K. I was a patent of Dr Mike Rogers at the time.

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    BabyG is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2008
    Hong Kong

    Thank you all for your replies! The last doc told me to look at having a scheduled C section because my placenta is looking low at the moment so its better to be prepared to pay more. Can anyone share the costs of doctor and anesthetist fees on Kowloon side? Hospitals like Union, baptist or St Theresas?

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