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breastfeeding in public

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    mocha is offline Registered User
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    Nov 2006
    hong kong

    I breastfed everywhere and anywhere 33 mths for my younger and 24mths for my elder. So i have over 6 six yrs breastfed everywhere and anywhere. I never have any problem.

    I also consider the biggest difficulty i had was not being able to find a seat anywhere.

    However, i have just realised by visiting a HK mom's Forum which some moms in HK won't do it and against it so much.

    Anyway, HK is still so conservative.

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    Lali07 is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2007
    Hong Kong

    Whilst its nice to be culturally sensitive, its also important that people understand its just baby food!

    I breastfeed my baby when he is hungry, public or not. I think it needs to be seen as more normal, so I say if you are comfortable breastfeeding in public - go for it!


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