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Expecting no.2

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    Expecting no.2

    Hi All

    I am 24 weeks pregnant and have a 27 month old daughter. My daughter is getting more and more clingy and Im wondering whether she understands that there is a new baby on the way. Has anyone else experienced this? i cant even go and pee by myself without her following me.


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    My daughter's 19 months and I'm 30 weeks - she's been clingy as anything for the past month. I'm not sure if it's the pregnancy or because we just moved house - or something else altogether - but she's always been soooo independent and friendly with strangers and all that. Now when a stranger talks to her, she just hangs her head and refuses to look at them or respond. A couple of times, she's even gone right down on the ground with her head on the floor because she's so shy at the moment!!

    At home though she's still the same as always - it's just when we're out or when people she's not so familiar with are around...

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    My 4 year old will no longer sleep on his own. He wants to keep me company in my bed. Suddenly loves his mum more than usual - dad is usually flavour of the day. Has turned into a big sookielala - cries each time he doesn't get something!

    The cat's doing the same too! Everybody has decided that they need to be clingy! It's driving me nuts!

    I think they get it just like dads get pregnancy sympathy syndrome :-)

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    there's a chinese saying that babies can actually "feel" that you are pregnant with # 2 and get clingy all of a daughter (20mths) was NEVER clingy and when I was 6mths pregnant she all of a sudden decided that you only wanted mommy....and is now so jealous now when I carry another baby...

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    my boys have always been clingy so its hard to tell! i don't think ive been to the toilet in peace in 4 years :o)

    recently, i have been deliberately exposing them to lots of newborns to help with the jealousy. at first my youngest had a big problem with me holding other babies and would cry and demand i put the baby down and cuddle him etc. but over time he has got much better and now doesn't bat an eyelid. hopefully he'll be that easy going when his little brother arrives very soon! its something worth trying. you can borrow my baby soon!

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