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Best Private hospitals when paying on your own.

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    Best Private hospitals when paying on your own.

    Hi all,

    My wife is 6 weeks pregnant (1st pregnancy) and we are moving to HK in a months time. Eventhough my company has covered us on medical insurance I dont think they cover pre-existing pregnancies (yet to confirm).

    Reading through the threads I get an impression that the cost of private care in HK should be $100-150k. Eventhough coming out of our pocket, this is affordable. However anything above that is bit concerning.

    Which are the best hospitals in HK for delivery, ante natal and post natal care? Do I need to start booking it now? Also, what can be the max cost at these hospitals if (god forbid) there are any complications... Would the cost of complications be covered by insurance?

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    not sure of prices as i have not delivered in hk, but the best private hospitals in my opinion to deliver are: matilida, adventist and hk sanitorium. the hardest hospital to get into would be matilida and thus many chose their ob/gyns based on who delivers there as they can secure spots of their patients easily - dr. ghosh, lucy lord, sally ferguson etc...(there are tons of threads on who delivers there).

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    YOu need to book at 9 weeks as the hospitals get booked very quickly. All depends if you decide to live on the HK island or Kawloon side. If HK island and you can afford it I'd say Matilda. I had C-section and it came to around 120000 HKD including the paed charges. It was a planned c-section th if your wife had to have an emergency it would be more like 140 000. The above price is for a private room. If you chose semi private or 4 bed ward and a cheaper OB you can bring the cost down. I hd to pay from my own pocket for the same reason but the insurance paid the bill for the baby care etc. The Adventist is good too. All depends who your OB is gonna be. There are names in the directory. The docs who deliver are in Matilda are Dr Patrick Chan, dr.Alex Doo, dr.Gosh, drs Grace Chung, Lucy Lord, Sally Ferguson and dr Ho
    I'd contact an OB or the hospital now to discuss the plan of action. It is sometimes possible to get a booking later but there are many who book at 9 weeks and still get turned down. Public hospitals here are VERY GOOD and complicated cases are referred there. Queen Mary Hospital is supposed to be the best in Asia for antenatal care. It costs around 300HKD if you are a resident. Yes 300HKD as oposed to 120 000:

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    Welcome to Hong Kong! :)
    You could go private in one of the government hospitals. This is were most of the babies end up anyway if there is an emergency. The best one, in my opinion, is the Queen Mary Hospital, which is the teaching hospital of the Hong Kong University (one of the top universities in the world). I gave birth there myself, staying semi-private and have nothing to complain about. Excellent all the way through. Am going there again for the birth of my second.
    Ante- & postnatal care also very good.

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