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Dr. Alex Doo vs. Dr. Philip Ho?

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    tenten is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2010

    I highly recommend Dr Edmond Hon, Dr Ho's partner - have seen him since week 4 and my husband and I find him tremendously supportive and comforting.
    I initially planned on using Dr Ho but when I made my appt at week 4, their nurse Kelly ( their entire nursing staff is wonderful btw - a huge advantage when you're a first time mom) said he was rather busy that day - I popped into the clinic anyway and was told that Dr Hon was around, and if I wanted to, I could have a chat with him.
    Anyway, first visit, knew nothing, had tonnes of questions and Dr Hon spent close to 35mins with me answering every question I had. He was patient, very thorough and friendly. At the end of it, I thoroughly expected to be charged for the consultation ( and would have gladly paid for it) but the nurse said no as it wasn't an appt. That did it!
    So went with Dr Hon and he has been fabulous ever since - I cannot recommend him enough.

    And there's never a wait for Dr Hon, which is bliss - part of the reason is that he's not as well known as the other Drs, so is not besieged as yet - which almost makes me not want to write this recommendation!

    Oh and another reason why I went with Dr Hon - he was with Queen Mary Hospital for a long time, before Dr Ho asked him to join his clinic and still teaches at the university I believe - so think it's great that he's still in touch with academia & on top of new research.

    Give him a call & speak to him - he really is a very good doctor.

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    Gemma is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2009
    Hong Kong

    I am also with Dr Ho and cannot fault him, he seems to know what he is doing which is the most important thing to me.

    I did have a chance to meet Dr Hon one day when I needed to see someone urgently and Dr Ho was in OT that day. Have to say, he is one of the most personable specialists I have seen. Patient, knowledgeable, professional, supportive and comforting.

    I am due early July and I think Dr Ho is flying to Italy as well for a conference. Dr Hon would be covering for him and I have absolutely no problems with that.

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    newbiekt is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2007

    I have just had my second baby with Dr Ho and have nothing but positive feedback to share. I have never found the waiting times too bad, and have heard worse tales from other doctors. It pays to book in the mornings if possible (and not the first appointment as that is often affected by hospital rounds). I also find Kelly absolutely brilliant and she runs the practice extremely efficiently. As other posters have said he is not always the most chatty, but he is extremely professional. I have found over the 2 years I have seen him he has got more warm and friendly and I am extremely happy in his care.

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    Mother Goose is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2007
    Hong Kong

    Hi Lukabella,

    I have to agree with geomum. Both my sons are delivered(by C-section) by Dr. Ho and I give him 2 thumbs up.

    Although Dr. Ho doesn't talk much, he makes sure that you know and understands what you need to know. As most 1st-time expecting moms usually bring tons of questions and worries to his office, he will only answer those which really concern you and won't dwell on unrelated issues. He may seem a bit unfriendly many people but from what I see, he is very level-headed, efficient, and trustworthy.

    And once you're in the OT/labour room with him, you will feel that you're in GOOD hands. Both my sons had their umbilical cord wrapped around their neck (2 loops with my younger son!) and it was a scary sight for my husband (who was holding a video camera at that time). But Dr. Ho has seen it all..he was SOOOO calm & experienced that in less a minute, I heard my healthy baby cry and was then placed on my chest. It's his efficiency & professionalism that totally gives you a peace of mind.

    Best of all, his skills are TOP-NOTCH! My wound healed incredibly husband was just telling me that other night that he can't even see the scar now!

    Hope it helps give you a clearer picture and make you final decision...if you still haven't. =) Good luck and all the best to you!

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    lemonade is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2007
    Hong Kong

    I just had my second baby delivered by Dr. Doo at Adventist and I can't say enough about how positive my experience was. Dr. Doo is expensive but cost aside, I feel like he was totally worth it. I never doubted his abilities and always felt like I was getting top notch medical treatment. He also has a good sense of humour and took time to answer all my questions. He does run late like most HK OBGYNs but I didn't feel rushed in our appointments. My delivery couldn't have gone better but it was pretty routine - I would highly recommend Dr. Doo.

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    katyw is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2006
    Mid Levels

    Yes, thumbs up here for Dr Ho. Although I have to agree with Tenten that Dr Hon is amazing!!!!! I saw him recently for a check up when I couldn't get an appointment with DR Ho for another 3 weeks and he was great! Infact, one of the best Drs I've seen in HK. So patient, so thorough and so reassuring.


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    lukabella is offline Registered User
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    May 2010

    After all the wavering, I ended up going with Dr. Ho and have not looked back. Dr. Ho sees me within minutes of my scheduled appointments and is always very thorough.

    My husband and I got to meet with Dr. Hon recently, too, and agree he is quite lovely (love his accent!). He sat down with us for an impromptu chat and answered every question we had for him.

    Honestly, everything at this practice is great: the doctors, the ladies at reception, the nurse who takes your vitals, the waiting room, etc. I'm pleased with my choice. All this puts one at ease, especially with the delivery date soon approaching!

    Good luck to everyone else who is still looking for a doctor. Don't stop until you find the right one for you!

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