Remember that EDD is a very 'elastic' date. If baby arrives early, try to ask your parents to arrive early, at least your mum. And if baby is late, you can make up lots of excuses to be left alone, eg you are finishing off projects at work, you are napping a lot, finishing last minute errands and shopping, catching up with friends etc. And even if both you and baby have come home from hospital and your parents havent yet arrived, it is not that difficult to put off visitors - baby is asleep, you are resting, etc etc. In the first few days back from the hospital, things may feel a bit chaotic and the last thing you want is a bossy or interfering SIL. Sometimes it can really be a case of "too many cooks". When I came home from hospital with baby, it felt really crowded with my mum, hubby and I and maid, all of us looking after one tiny baby!! Also remember that as new parents, you want a bit of time to settle in and adjust to having your baby. Don't be afraid to make mistakes as nothing bad will happen. The only scary part in those early days was learning to bathe the baby, which the nurses at the hospital taught us anyway. Everything else worked out fine.