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Suggestions on a good doctor and hospital: Help Please!

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    Suggestions on a good doctor and hospital: Help Please!


    I am 10 weeks into my first pregnancy and moving to HK next week. Till now I have been busy planning my relocation and winding up work and didnt get time to choose a hospital or doctor yet.

    Reading through the forum, I noticed that HK docs prefer C-Section and was shocked to read that around 60% of the births are C-Section. I want a natural birth and dont want to go for C-Section unless I really have to.

    Also, as I am a single working mother it is important for me that the doctor is there if I need him and doesnt reschedule my appointments a lot.

    I am being covered by insurance so can go for any private or public hospital.

    Can you please suggest a natural-birth friendly, experienced, helpful and available doctor.

    I am really panicking at this stage, am I too late in chosing a doctor and booking a bed?

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    southside852 is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2008

    to be honest, i think if you express your strong desire for natural birth, the doctor will follow your wishes.

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    carey is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2008

    I second southside852. My friend had her first and second through natural birth in HongKong and the doctor was very patient and supportive of it. I know that some hospital ( Like the Union) would ask you if you want natural or C-section before recommneding a doctor who is spiclized in that to you. Some Obs are good with both.

    As for the hospital, I think most mums here would recommned Matilda.

    Good luck.

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    TheQuasimother is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    I'd recommend Dr. Patrick Chan - no waiting time for us (except once - 15 minutes). He had a pregnant woman with complex issues before us.
    Easy to get to. I'm currently using him. Very relaxed and friendly like my OBGYN in Sydney. No push for C-section.

    And, as for hospitals, Matilda!

    “If you want to get to the castle, you’ve got to swim the moat.” Richard Jenkins in Eat Pray Love

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    Hi there
    The Drs with the one of the highest natural birth rates are Lucy Lord and Grace Cheung at Cenral Health - their rates are around 60% natural. Both are very experienced but not exactly hand holders but you can not do better than use them if you want straight talking and facts. As with all Drs here in HK they are busy so appts are brief and to the point. I used Lucy for both my pregnancies (currently at 24 weeks in the 2nd one) and found her to be excellent. Fantastic birth experience too!!!!
    You may of heard too that the private hospitals here get VERY booked up and at Matilda you need to be applying for a bed at around 9 weeks. Both Lucy and Grace deliver a lot there so if you like Matilda they are likely to be able to get you a bed. But you need to get in touch with them now even before you move and start the wheels in motion if Matilda is the you want to go. Central Health Number - +852 2824 0822. I relocated from London at 16 weeks into my first pregnancy and Lucy got me a bed at Matilda with a bit of wrangling!!!
    Whichever way you chose to go - you need to pick a Dr and then your choice of hospital is dependant on if they can work there, so if the Hospital is important - worth ringing the Hospital first and asking for the Drs that can work there.

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    LeahH is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong, Mid Levels

    Matilda for sure in terms of policies that will support your choice of birth plan and being able to do anything you want in labour (except a water birth, no-one can do that in HK).

    As everyone has said, get an OB who delivers at your hospital of choice regularly to up your chances of getting a bed confirmed. I've delivered twice naturally at Matilda with Sally Ferguson who was wonderful. She's busy though so waiting is inevitable (no rescheduling except once when she was delivering which was understandable).

    Saw Patrick Chan for a few appts also who was really lovely, but I would add that he did raise the possibility of an elective C-Section as bub was likely to be over 8 pounds.

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    lesliefu is offline Registered User
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    South District

    dr lam yung hang is good too - he can deliver at matilda, hk sanatorium, canossa....his waiting time is short 15-30mins is max i've ever had to wait. and he's very efficient and professional...will be delivering with him this time - he's not pro c-section, but would do anything necessary for the baby to be safe on the day...

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    North Point

    I've seen a few and I really liked Dr Patrick Chan, and Dr Lam. Dr Chan was much less busy and more personable, I liked him better - but Dr Lam has better ultrasound equipment and also is a specialist in prenatal diagnosis, so if there is ANYTHING wrong with the baby, he's one of the best doctors to see in order to get it diagnosed. Also he's meant to be one of the best for procedures like amniocentesis etc. But personally Dr Chan is my fav still ;)

    I haven't talked with either of them about delivery though since in my 2 pregnancies I planned to deliver at the public hospital. Both doctors were fine seeing me even though I wouldn't deliver with them.

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