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Seeking information on International Montessori School in Wanchai

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    Seeking information on International Montessori School in Wanchai

    Anyone has any direct or indirect experience with the International Montessori School in Wanchai?

    I am looking for primary education for a fourth grader. The curriculum and staff looks good, just wonder if there is a lot of turnover in students and staff?

    They are moving to Tin Hau Temple Road near Causeway Bay and the location is perfect.

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    not got to elementary yet but we plan to have our girls go there and are delighted they have a new campus at Tin Hau which looks very nice.

    haven't heard of a high turnover from elementary. Usually people will put their kids in the casa class then take them out before elementary (!) but I think as IMS is the only one to offer primary years following Montessori style teaching that the turnover would be low. ... just my two cents though!

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    The old primary campus was not good at all, but the new campus (since sep 2010) is wonderful, and the only montessori primary school in hk. This school is still run by it's founders, so very stable management and low teacher turnover.

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