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Travel at 32-34 weeks

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    Frenchy is offline Registered User
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    The only problem I had when I travelled to Europe was sitting for so many hours, and keeping well hydrated. I had special socks and took a seat in the corridor so I could go to the toilets without problem...

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    As per Frenchy's post above, as it is a long flight i would ask your OB about getting some compression stockings. As a previous sufferer of DVT I know that you are much more susceptible to it when pregnant (even if you had no known risks of it at other times) so it is a sensible thing to do as well as keeping well hydrated and moving around as regularly as you can. Having said that I flew from Singapore to UK when I was about 28 weeks pregnant with my first with already a history of DVT and was fine and had no problems with the airline. I did have Clexane (blood thinner) but still didn't seem to worry them

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    you should absolutely wear flight stockings, drink as much water as possible and move around every 20 mins which i am sure will not a be a problem b/c of the bathroom urges. my ob/gyn also recommended taking aspirin too before flying. i personally never flew past 28 weeks....

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    Hi QM - we have just got back from Phuket (3.5hrs flight). And I struggled at 27 weeks. The seats were uncomfortable and not much room for bump plus my feet started to swell up. Im glad it was only 3.5hours. I was also getting restless legs and keep needing to walk up and down the aisle. I wouldnt recommend a long haul flight but we are all different!!

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