I also went back to work after 8 weeks (also in education. they made me finish 2 weeks before edd).
I was similar to lisa88 - i breastfed whenever i was home & pumped 4 times a day - once before work, twice at work & once before bed. i had no problems with supply & had plenty in the freezer.

going to work the first week was pretty hard - in tears on the bus on the first day & just pretty miserable for the first week or so. but i soon got used to it. I actually found it more difficult to go back after the long summer holidays - she was so much more active, interactive and aware and I really struggled to leave her after spending so much quality time with her (i.e. not just feeding and talking/playing TO her but talking and playing WITH her...if that makes sense...).

she's 18mths now & like lisa88, doesn't seem to have any separation anxiety & i'm greeted each afternoon with her standing at the top of the stairs waiting for me with squeals of delight!

I wanted to send my helper to a first-aid class, but given that she didn't start until after i'd gone back to work (hubby worked from home for a week or so) we just didn't manage it. I think i'll try to send her to one over the summer holidays while i'm home to look after z.

good luck!