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Morning sickness after 12 weeks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liquorice View Post
    Damn. Everything I had read suggested the worst is typically over by the end of the first trimester. ...
    Me too,in the end I stopped reading my pregnancy books! And i also had enough of everyone telling me it will be gone soon.

    If it continues go and see Gianna Buonocore at IMI - Integrated Medicine Institute. I found that accupuncture and homeopathic medication really took the edge off my all day sickness and I could function somewhat normally. I tried all the usual things like ginger biscuits, ginger tea, eating small meals etc but it didn't work.

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    Sorry to hear that. I was sick for the entire pregnancy of my first, and most of my second. With the second, I was able to manage it through drugs actually. Odansetron (sp) is an anti-nausea drug that is safe for pregnant women - I took it and it helped, however, it turned out that my nausea was caused more by excess hormones in my stomach.

    Because of my experience with no. 1, I was very conscious of what to eat/not to eat, when to eat, when not to eat etc., so when the nausea began for the second at 6 weeks, I started to realize that drinking water caused me to throw up (After all, you are always encouraged to stay hydrated). When I talked through everything that I was trying with my doctor, he caught my comment about drinking water and thought that reflux might be causing some of the nausea. To that end, he recommended Zantac (or generic form) to ease it, and surprisingly, it worked wonders. I was able to get off the anti-nausea drug and stick with Zantac. After a number of weeks, I was able to ease off the frequency of Zantac which was nice. By about 8 months, I was all done :).

    Message me if you like, I can walk you through some of the other things I tried which may or may not help. Everyone is different.

    Hope this helps. I know how hard it can be.

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