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The public school on Lamma Island?

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    The public school on Lamma Island?

    Planning on moving to HK at the end of the year. Looking for a school for my 7 year old daughter. She will be in the second grade and she isn't good at reading or writing Chinese, so we are concerned she can't get into public school. She is however fluent (for her age) in Mandarin and can speak and understand a good amount of Cantonese. She is also, of course fluent in English.

    My wife is interested in getting an apartment on Lamma Island, and a friend of hers that lives there said there is a public school for island residents.

    Does anyone have experience with this school, or maybe even have a good suggestion nearby for my daughter?

    Some other important factors when recommending. Because we are not sure of how fast either me or she can find a job there, we should presume that our monthly income would not be more than $20K a month.


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    Think Lamma Island forum can help you out-

    My Lamma Forums - Index

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