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Am I too demanding??

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    Not directed to anybody in particular, but sometime I am under the impression that some people think that their helpers are like machines. They think that as long as they shut them down (like machines) for 8 hours a day, it would be enough. So it is common to read comments as "they can sleep when the baby sleeps during the day!".... Of course, it depends on the person (some people can sleep better than others), but it is not the same sleeping for 8 hours without interruption for the whole night, as sleeping for 2 hours, then being up for 1, then sleeping for 3 hours, and up for another hour, sleeping for another hour, and then taking 2 hours nap during the day.

    It is my opinion only, but I think it is kind of unfair for the helpers (specially with the low salary they receive) to take night shift, when they are still expected to complete the same amount of work during day time, and only get compensated (for the night shift) with the same amount of day time naps.

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    the mums who don't look after their kids during the night are just lazy and selfish. If something you can't do but you demand your helpers to do it for your instead, and on top you ask your helpers to do all the chores during the day? ridiculous. I'm sure you expect helpers should do everything for the family 24/7, but be fair and think in a human being way, it's not right, everyone needs work life balance.

    Imagine if you were born in Philippines or Indonesia then put yourself in your helper's shoes, if you could manage all she does and ate the food you hate, you don't need to tell anybody how you feel.

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    We're shutting this thread down. In our experience, there are two sides to the helper issue(s) and we've heard and seen for ourselves both sides. Plenty of GeoBaby mums with horror stories and plenty of helpers who have horror stories too.

    Best to shut this down for now.

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